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I love it when a plan comes together...

[Wed, 03 Aug 2005 10:19:06 -0400] Feed url changed to -

Of course, that didn't happen until I fixed the bug in RdMise that was making the blog send a temporary redirect. Never mind, I'm now supporting permanently redirected, temporarily redirected, and permanently gone feeds.

I just don't know what I should do if I get a temporary redirect to an address that returns "410 Gone". Is the feed address I originally used equivalent to gone, meaning I should disable it, or is the result entirely temporary, meaning I should keep pulling the feed and getting repetitive "Gone"s? At the moment I'm treating it like a 404, and only disabling the feed after a certain number of tries. I'm still not sure...

Current wishlist:

  • Bulk mark-as-read
  • Better subscription list
  • OPML export
  • Item highlighting feature ("starring")

I also need to seperate my podcast subscription list (castroll? podlist?). Joy...

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