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Time zones suck.

I've updated this place to the latest working RdMise 0.9 code (or, if I'm feeling retentive, Codename 0.9 Alpha 1) and added my feed reader (currently private). It was all working fine until I actually tried to make it update feeds. It remained convinced that this set of feeds had last been updated several hours in the future.

See, I store all my dates as GMT, and when PHP fetches from the database, it doesn't know that. It presumes they're in local time, which for this server is currently GMT-4. I have to use this hacky thing to make the time comparison work: strtotime($rw[7].' +0000').

Then that's only half the solution. When I want to display dates, I have to use my own function to add the timezone offset according to the RdMise settings, which currently say GMT+1. I hate this.

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