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"Better" Mobile Phones

My phone at the moment is a Siemens MC60. It's often referred to by "industry experts" as a 2.5G phone - it doesn't have bluetooth or play videos, but it does take photos and play Java games. Which is nice.

But today it crashed and deleted all my text messages. Having fancy features is nice and I suppose it does sell handsets, but phones really need to "just work" first. My mum's old Motorola m3788 (which strangely isn't listed on Motorola's Show ALL Phones page) never crashed, it did what it was supposed to and locked itself when I forgot the pin. But that's another story...

(A side note, the siemens-mobile is much better than most similar sites I've seen as far as accessibility is concerned. Valid XHTML and CSS mean that the page loads faster and people using any browser can access the site.)

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