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After procrastinating for some time, I finally started writing the RSS parser for RdSplay. I'm calling this set of functions "pArse". I was considering using something like Magpie RSS, but in the end I thought I'd learn more by writing one myself. Also, I wanted to do the HTTP stuff seperately, and didn't want broken RSS1/Atom support yet.

I used the expat PHP extension. I still don't really like it, but my code worked first time. It's about 130 lines of code so far, including the cURL stuff to request the file.

Stuff I need to do before letting this on the Internet:

  • HTTP 301 (Permanent Redirect) and HTTP 410 (Permanently Gone) support.
  • Temporary redirect support, for that matter.
  • Etag/Last-Modified support for caching.
  • Error logging.
  • Surrounding RdSplay stuff: storage, duplicate checking, scheduled feed checks.

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