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ChatZilla Update

Busy week.

  • Fixed as part of Bug 299458 (Land 0.9.68.x work on trunk):
    • Make DCC faster, and not break for really small files
    • Convert RPL_ISUPPORTS cmds to useful data
  • Fixed: Bug 250072 - Call preventDefault when using all navigation keys, to stop built-in functionality messing things up.
  • Fixed: Bug 299454 and Bug 299460 - Make the nickname drop-down button more discoverable, and show the current nickname in the Change Nickname dialog.
  • Fixed: 4 minor bugs
  • Open ChatZilla bugs: 152

Having the new features and fixes from 0.9.68.x along with the new stuff from the trunk is going to be cool. It's also great for SeaMonkey users, with 1.0 Alpha of that coming Real Soon Now. Some of the remaining stuff is listed in this dependency tree.

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