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Worms 4: Mayhem: Demo: First Impressions

I downloaded the Worms 4 Demo, and decided to make a post with too many colons in the title.

  • When I got it, the only host for the download was Codemasters, and they require registration for access to download links. Fixed with BugMeNot. Direct link: wormsdemopc.exe.
  • InstallShield thinks people care about its brand. Just install, damnit.
  • Both the installer and the start menu group are encouraging me to become a Code M member. Being a Code M member is the only way to get the demo. Fools.
  • The Codemasters name is more prominent than Team17, the actual developers. Though that doesn't really surprise me.
  • This might not be the game's fault, but Kerio Personal Firewall (4.2.0RC2) wouldn't let the game run until I added it to the buffer overflow whitelist.
  • The game refuses to minimize, so I can't be bothered actually playing it at the moment.
  • When I click Quit, I have to watch a splash screen for a few seconds. Not major, just unnecessarily annoying.

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