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Stats, again...

Can you tell how bored I am? I was looking at my stats so far this month, and even bothered to put them into a pretty spreadsheet. Stats first, conclusions later.

  • 28.7% Internet Explorer (25.4% IE6, 3.3% IE4/5/5.5)
  • 68% Gecko (62.6% Firefox, 5.4% SeaMonkey/Galeon/Camino/Netscape)
  • 3.3% Others (1.2% Old Netscape, 1.2% Opera, 0.6% Safari/Konqueror, 0.3% Lynx/Wget/UP)

93.6% of my hits come from either IE6, Gecko, or a text-based browser that doesn't care about CSS quirks.

Opera's doing better than it's done before in my stats, though I still don't have enough hits to make much of a conclusion. IE4/5 usage is getting low enough that, even if I was making a serious site, I wouldn't bother too much trying to make it work. Opera and Safari are worth bothering with because they're growing, and have reasonably good standards support. Some of the problems I've had with them actually turned out to be Mozilla quirks.

Platforms don't (shouldn't?) mean much to a web developer, but we get the stats anyway:

  • 92.7% Windows (80.7% XP/2003, 10.9% 98/ME/CE/2000, 1.1% 95/NT)
  • 5.6% Unixish (3.7% Linux, 1.8% Free/OpenBSD, 0.1% Solaris)
  • 1.7% Mac (1.3% OS X, 0.4% OS9)

Software stopped supporting Windows 95/NT ages ago, and in a lot of cases 98/2000 as well. Both Apple and Microsoft are trying to get everyone to switch to their latest silly named operating system, though in Apple's case OS X has been updated 4 times (Windows XP had two service packs, but the first didn't really add any new features). This doesn't mean very much to web developers, except for the fact that Safari, Opera, and the next versions of Mozilla products only support OS X 10.2 and above.

Then there's always the user who never upgrades. I think Windows 95 shipped with IE3...

Anyway, I think that's about all I have time to write. I was going to note how the stats are skewed because I visit my own website, etc., but screw that. It's my site and I matter the most. This form I'm typing into at the moment has to be right, and so does the RSS reader I'm working on.

Note to angry IE4 users: I'm accepting patches. :|

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Damn you and your non-use of the … entity. Stats are interesting though. Check out / Comment from Michael Tunnicliffe on 27 Jun 2005 at 12:24.

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