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RSS: To style, or not to style?

I've been working on an XSLT stylesheet for my RSS feeds, somewhat like the BBC feeds (example). But now that I've got it mostly finished, I'm not sure whether I want to use it.

Amongst other things, Dave Winer talks about this in his latest podcast (from about 16:30). He makes these points:

  1. People aren't stupid.
  2. Styled RSS feeds look just like a home page, but they're less useful.
  3. It's better to design for smart people.

Number 1 doesn't mean that everybody understands RSS. It just means that people who don't understand it will realize that, and know how to find the back button. I think I agree with that.

Number 2 means that feed pages become confusing for smart people, and I think number 3 basically means that people who don't understand RSS probably aren't going to care about subscribing to feeds anyway. I can't disagree with that.

So I'm not going to be making a stylesheet, at least not one that "obfuscates" the XML.

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So you're not making it more user friendly, because people are used to it not being that friendly?
Thats crazy talk.
Also, the tab order of this form could do with tweaking / Comment from Glen on 27 Jun 2005 at 10:51.

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