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It's that time again...

Database design. Bah. I'll post the current structure I'm planning for my feed reader so that people can get confused with / poke holes in / plan security exploits for it.

Table "feeds"

  • fid - Autoincremented primary key.
  • title
  • homeurl - URL of the HTML version.
  • feedurl - URL of the RSS feed.
  • enabled - If 1, the feed should be checked.
  • failcount - Incremented by 1 each time the feed fails. Set to 0 each time the feed is successfully checked.
  • visible - If 0, the feed and all new items from it are only visible to the admin.
  • lastupdate

Table "items"

  • fid - Secondary key.
  • iid - Autoincremented primary key.
  • title
  • itemurl
  • visible
  • starred - If 1, the admin has marked this as interesting.
  • created

I'll start off with a links-only reader for RSS 2.0 feeds, and see what I feel like adding in later versions.

Oh, and about PHP5 support. I can't be arsed.

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I posted my RdSplay table layout, then I changed my mind. Table "items" Removed "fid". Table "itemsources" iid - Item ID. fid - ... / Trackback from Blog on 16 Jul 2005 at 22:18.

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