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ChatZilla Source Highlighting

Pointless, but fun: ChatZilla Trunk source.

I've been playing around with CHIP, and managed to make a script that reads the source to ChatZilla, adds syntax highlighting (JavaScript only) and line numbers, and outputs everything. I then dynamically read in the processed files and add navigation with PHP.

It's sort-of a mini LXR, just for ChatZilla. Stuff I will hopefully do at some point:

  • Stop it breaking binary files (example).
  • Add syntax highlighting for shell scripts, makefiles, RDF, and XUL. CHIP already supports HTML, which should work for the last two.
  • Fix CHIP so invalid code doesn't produce invalid HTML.
  • Add some sort of search.
  • Support something like LXR's ?raw=1 as an easy way to get the original source.

Edit: Done the first three. Search is complicated, and raw view requires two copies of the source to be uploaded, but that shouldn't be too hard.

⇐23 Jun 2005 - Stuff... / 21 Jun 2005 - Karoo making some progress...⇒


ChatZilla source viewer update

I created my highlighted view of the ChatZilla source back in June. Then I basically got bored and left it to get old. Not being... / Trackback from Blog on 25 Nov 2005 at 13:55.

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