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Thoughts on technology

This is really the other half of the audio post I was going to do.

When I got home yesterday and found the computer didn't want to work (the power supply's blown), I picked up my phone, logged on to a website, and blogged about it. Then I sat down and realized how strange that actually was.

I know it's a cliché, but if somebody told you this five or ten years ago, would you believe them? I can pick up a telephone, press some buttons, and within a few minutes, people (admittedly, not very many in my case) will automatically be alerted to my posting, and be able to add comments. Bizarre.

Standards have also impressed me over the past couple of days. The fact that I can temporarily replace my computer with one that's at least five years old, and still be able to connect my ethernet modem. The fact that I can use the same web browser and IRC client on almost any computer. The fact that my website works on a device with a square inch display. And most importantly for my immediate situation, ATX power supplies are fairly cheap.

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