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Tunnie: Practices and justification


You make some good points, but I don't think I'm convinced on the abbreviation tags. I suppose my main reason for not using them (much) is laziness. Or I suppose, I don't really feel I owe anything to my visitors, at least not those who can't be bothered to JFGI. Anyway, I'm not too sure my pages would make sense if you read them backwards ;).

I guess my point is that a user who sees "HTML" and thinks "WTF?" isn't going to see "Hypertext Markup Language" and suddenly receive enlightenment.

I agree on the validation buttons. It depends on context. For, a personal site that happens to valid and fairly semantic, I think I'll put a note about it somewhere leave it at that. (It's important to promote other good design practices, but these generally become obvious after a bit of work trying to make things validate.)

One other thing for "Not In My Backend" - pretty quotes. I quite like the idea of changing "this" to “this” automatically like WordPress, but I often post code samples and it'd be a lot of work to avoid screwing them up.

I'll close with a question. PNG - acronym or initialism?

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"that user who sees "HTML" and thinks "WTF?" isn't going to see "Hypertext Markup Language" and suddenly recieve enlightenment." - classic XD / Comment from AD4M on 11 Jun 2005 at 21:27.

AD4M: It would be even more classic if "receive" was spelt correctly. Again, more good points. I tend to make a balanced decision if I can, but where I'm undecided on the best practice I just do what the trendwhore in me says. You kinda wrote the first part of this entry in the second person, by the way. / Comment from Michael Tunnicliffe on 11 Jun 2005 at 21:49.

Hmm, I think this entry just proved why I don't have a "Valid English Language" button. / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 12 Jun 2005 at 11:04.

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