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Not In My Backend, part 3

This is the final part, I promise.

  • A Blogging API - I don't really oppose this in principle, but I don't think I'd ever use it. Every time I think that creating posts in an external program would help, I realize it's just because my form sucks.
  • Static page generation seems like too much work for very little gain. I really wouldn't know where to start. One thing I will hopefullly be doing soon is adding support for If-Modified-Since to reduce RSS bandwidth.
  • RSS 1.0 (I would link to the spec, but I can't find a copy that works at the moment.) - A Really Simple way of describing RSS1 is "RSS2, but not really simple". I found an incredibly useful article detailing all the things you could do with RSS1, but really never felt the need to. Maybe I have "onomacoelphobia", or maybe I just want to make a feed for my blog that other people can parse easily ("other people" includes PHP4 users). I'm undecided on Atom. It's certainly more complicated than RSS2, but its features might be useful.
  • XHTML and CSS vaildation buttons. Validation is never bad, but this strange form of boasting is just pointless. Most users will be confused by it, search engines will see it as another useless link, and experienced users will use it as an opportunity to mock you if you misplace a single tag.

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Clearly the XHTML and CSS butons encourage people to find out more about web standards, and show people that it's possible to make amazing cross browser compatible designs without breaking the rules. Personally seeing a validation button makes me much more likely to come back to a site, as it implies that the creator has taken the time to at least try to validate (even if there is an occasional error), so will probably have taken alot of care with how the rest of the site works, too.
I normally find myself validating a lot of sites I visit anyway just for the hell of it (w/ web dev toolbar), and think what a shame it is that their design that would be so much easier to make with a bit of (cross-browser even) CSS, and could easily validate when made in that manner.
Nice font in the comments box btw. ;) / Comment from Zogger on 05 Jun 2005 at 13:32.

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