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Not In My Backend, part 2

More things that won't be on my todo list any time soon:

  • Stolen buttons. A good idea, taken too far by some. The odd button is okay, a few is only slightly whorish, too many just look daft. I might make a page listing all the buttons that apply to me, with a nice big warning that I'm taking the piss.
  • Pointless <acronym> and <abbr> tags. These are too often used where the meaning of the abbreviation doesn't matter any more (eg. "HTML"), the meaning is obvious to the audience given the context (eg. "Firefox and IE"), or where most people would be better off if the term was spelt out in full anyway (eg. "As far as I can see"). For concepts that may be completely new to readers, it's my opinion that a link is more useful.
  • AJAX and REST. Most of what I wanted to moan about is covered in "Call an apple an apple". I might end up using JavaScript for something useful here. It might be asynchronous, it might even use XML, but I won't be calling it AJAX. (As a side note, it's a good thing for script to be unobtrusive.)
  • Email notification for comments and trackbacks. I wouldn't use it, and even if anyone else did, I'd probably just end up spamming them.

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