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Not In My Backend

I was going to write down what I wanted to put in RdMise, but found that too productive. Instead, I made a nice big list of stuff I wasn't going to do.

  • Pingback just seems like too much effort. I looked at Pingback and Trackback when I was writing the blog, and decided I didn't need both. Pingback has better autodiscovery, but I didn't really want that anyway. The main thing that put me off at the time was the use of XML-RPC. It just seems like overkill for what could easily be done in a posted query string (or, as the buzzword-hungry Six Apart calls it, a REST model - I hate that term). The optional title and excerpt that most trackbacks include are a nice bonus.
  • Really long permalinks - An example for this post would be "". Pointless, irritating, and a problem if I make a mistake in the title - I can either leave the URL looking stupid, or I can fix it and break other links. This is apparently some misguided SEO attempt.
  • feed: URIs are just like normal links to RSS feeds, except they have a meaningless "feed:" put at the beginning. Wordpress has them on by default. It's an expired "pre-draft" RFC that several aggregators support. For every user who doesn't use an aggregator already, uses Firefox's live bookmarks, a web based RSS reader, or any other aggregator that hasn't changed system settings to point to itself, the feed: links cause an obscure "Protocol Not Known Error". Even if they manage to copy the URL from the link, they still have to cut off the "feed:" or be met with another error in their aggregator. Other reasons: jpeg://?, standards confusion, user confusion.

⇐30 May 2005 - BZFlag 2 / 27 May 2005 - Under normal circumstances, this is completely unacceptable.⇒


Feedback is closed. Feel free to contact me privately.