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ChatZilla Status

Changes since 13th May:

  • Reviewed: Bug 291504 - sync-output and focus-input should not have CMD_CONSOLE set, raw can do without CMD_NEED_SRV
  • Reviewed: Bug 293596 - Chatzilla URL munger rule needs tweaking for ending punctuation
  • Reviewed: Bug 293664 - Temporary network's secure/non-secure properties don't get updated when trying to reconnect
  • Reviewed: Bug 294192 - [nit] Having prefs without label and help info with group == hidden still spams the console
  • Reviewed: Bug 294816 - Plugins can't define stringbundles for their preferences, which throws warnings when the plugin is loaded
  • Reviewed: Bug 278900 - nick with ^ character + unrealircd = broken headers and broken nick changes
  • Reviewed: Followup to Bug 273507 - Add 'set me as being /away' to [some] context menu
  • Open ChatZilla bugs: 161

Hopefully these patches can get checked in once Gecko 1.8 gets off the trunk. Seriously though... four betas?

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