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A Plan For PHP 5

I'm a bit distracted by other things at the moment, but I'll write this up in the hope that it makes me more likely to do it. I still have no idea if it will work.

  • When it starts, RdMise will check which DOM extensions are installed, and throw a fit if it doesn't find one.
  • If dom is found, two functions are defined: LoadXMLFile will create a DOMDocument object, use the load function and return a reference to the object. LoadXMLString will do exactly the same thing with the loadXML function.
  • If domxml is found, the same two functions will be defined, but using a new DOMDocumentWrapper object instead.
  • DOMDocumentWrapper will act a lot like PHP 5's DOMDocument, but internally it will use a PHP 4 DOMDocument. It will only have the functions that RdMise needs.
  • All the RdMise XML code will be changed to use the PHP 5 object. RdPress contains no DOM code, so it shouldn't need to be changed.

Edit from the mysterious future: Please note, I didn't actually do any of this. I gave up on DOM and switched to using PHP's expat functions.

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