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Halo 2 - Gone Gold

Not being an Xbox owner, I'm sort-of watching this from a distance, but Halo 2 just went gold.

You can also hear part of the soundtrack. Sounds good, but I'm not too sure it fits with the game.

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Well worth looking at, check out the Video Update, thanks for lettin me no marshall! / Comment from AD4M on 12 Oct 2004 at 18:15.

Hey - i no this is not 2 do with this blog but i needed 2 tell you. Have u seen It was hidden in the new FireBox magazine, and was written backwards requiring a mirror to see. Hopefully you can find something out - Good luck :D / Comment from AD4M on 14 Oct 2004 at 19:39.

Interesting. There's a hidden link on that page, and another link on the page that leads to. / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 15 Oct 2004 at 00:06.

Printing the second page (or just look in the source) leads to another image which leads you to a load of text logs files. I've not got any further than that... / Comment from Anon on 18 Oct 2004 at 22:51.

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