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M3 Moaning

I've found a few bugs in my iAUDIO M3. Eventually I'll upgrade the firmware and report them properly, but I can't be bothered at the moment. However, I do have about enough energy for textual moaning. What else is a blog for?

  • Bug: If I plug in the charger, then start skipping tracks quickly, pressing the skip button just as the player stops accessing the hard drive, it eventually gets stuck in a loop, repeatedly skipping tracks. Unplugging the charger and turning the player off fixes it.
  • Annoying thing: It won't turn off whilst it's charging. I suppose that makes sense, but it would be useful if it turned itself off after the battery is full.
  • Bug: Loading a text file at the exact moment a track ends causes the player to stop playing.
  • Bug: Pressing the A↔B button twice quickly freezes the player until I press A↔B again. The A↔B indicator stays on the display until the next track.
  • Bug: Sometimes the screen is blank. The player works, and the backlight comes on, but nothing else.

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