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"Just Don't Get It" award, round two

The MPAA is suing some BitTorrent sites associated with TV shows. Among other things, their President and CEO says this (from press release "MPAA TAKES NEW ACTION AGAINST TV SHOW THIEVES"):

On these sites, anyone in the world can download entire television seasons in a single click.

That's the whole point. "[A]nyone in the world" can't watch the TV shows they want because they're only showing in the USA, or Japan, or because some company bought the rights and then sat on them.

They can't get the entire season because you haven't released the DVD yet, and their Tivo magically started deleting episodes. Or you did release the DVD, but it's encrypted with the wrong region code. People who want to pay for the content cannot do so.

And "in a single click" is a slight exaggeration of BitTorrent's ease-of-use. If it was that simple, nobody would be talking about Kazaa.

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