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ChatZilla Status

  • Checked in: Followup to Bug 287687 (ChatZilla should not hardcode "Mozilla" as the suite name) - fix pref window bustage
  • Awaiting review: Bug 291504 - sync-output and focus-input should not have CMD_CONSOLE set, raw can do without CMD_NEED_SRV
  • Awaiting review: Bug 273507 - Add 'set me as being /away' to [some] context menu [already fixed in 0.9.68a]
  • Awaiting review: Bug 207195 - cannot hide joins/parts in chat window [conference mode]
  • Notable: Bug 292126 - Use "legal" version numbers [Chatzilla versions containing letters (eg., 0.9.68a) will not work in Firefox 1.1.]
  • Open ChatZilla bugs: 157

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