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RealNetworks doesn't get it

Slashdot: RealNetworks Invests in Legitimizing Free Music. Their chairman says:

By having a free service that is legal, it flattens the issue of 'Why use an illegal service?'

Well, lets see... you have to be in the USA, you can't put anything on your portable player, you're limited to 25 songs. Hardly "flattens" the issue.

The word "song" doesn't even mean what you thought it did: you listen to one song 25 times, your quota's gone. From

...the Digital Music Revolution brings you: * Hours of free music every month...

Yes. About 2 hours. Like it or not, after two hours most people will go back to Kazaa. And...

Because RealNetworks must pay an undisclosed licensing fee every time a song is played, even if it is free, the company is turning to ads from Chrysler and an arrangement making Google Inc.'s search toolbar an optional download with Rhapsody.

Adware from Real? Why am I not surprised?

iRATE, music podcasting, legal torrents. Meh.

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