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ChatZilla Status

Fixes are being checked in for what will become 0.9.69.

  • Fixed: 7 bugs that were already fixed in 0.9.68.
  • Fixed: Bug 287687 - ChatZilla should not hardcode "Mozilla" as the suite name
  • Fixed: Bug 289275 - After about an hour of using Chatzilla it slows downand is hard to close. At this time my system is still running fine.
  • Fixed: Bug 290626 - ctcp time mangles some localised date formats
  • Fixed: Bug 290732 - Chatzilla should support CTCP source
  • Fixed: Bug 291149 - Events don't have a msg property set, making them hard to match in hook patterns
  • Fixed: Bug 278746 - Auto Connect doesn't handle servers, only networks
  • Awaiting review: Bug 272882 - Firefox doesn't exit properly with ChatZilla [command line parameter problem]
  • Open ChatZilla bugs: 151

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