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Random Nerd Notes

I'm trying to work out what I want for the next version of RdMise. I'll call it 0.9 whilst I'm working on it, and figure out a new version number later. Random points follow.

  • Templates for page layout - changing content in bottom bar, adding extra links, search box, CSS hooks, etc. without wading through PHP.
  • New app interface - only attempt to use compatible apps, produce system info page for debugging.
  • RdCode enhancements - non-generic error messages, broadcast, integration with templates/blog posts.
  • Possible moving of RdPress code (eg. RSS) to RdMise so all apps can use it.
  • Full comment/trackback moderation - "quarantine" system for potentially dodgy comments, more configurable filters.
  • Save as draft for RdPress - look into autosave.
  • Ongoing sub-standards compliance.
  • Decide whether it's worth doing a full user system.

I'm not putting much work into RdPict at the moment, but when I do it'll probably be in three stages:

  • 0.2 - Update to work with new RdMise, implement all features of Comix with database compatability, include full admin and RSS feeds.
  • 0.4 - Re-arrange database, support downloads and custom thumbnails, add RSS enclosures, look at doing templates.
  • 0.6 - (Possibly) comments and trackback, no duplicated (with RdPress) code if possible.

The (RSS, comments, trackback, admin) stuff that all apps need will either go into RdMise or become (yet) another optional component.

I am going to make a feed reader. Sometime. Eventually. Maybe.

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