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Who Should You Vote For?

An interesting quiz. Teenagers, criminals, and teenage criminals don't get a vote, so here goes nothing:

  • Labour -30
  • Conservative -21
  • Liberal Democrat 50
  • UK Independence Party 12
  • Green 49

I'm surprised - and slightly embarrassed - with the positive UKIP number, but it's fairly small and inaccurate because UKIP don't actually have policies on many issues. The Green number doesn't surprise me much, since they just seem to be an extremist version of the Lib Dems.

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Who Should I Vote For?

Unfortunately, the law doesn't see me as mature/gullible enough to choose who I think should be running the country. If it did, however, this quiz (linked from AD4M and RDM - damn peer pressure) says that I should vote thus:
Labour -18
Conservati... / Trackback from Partial Content on 13 Apr 2005 at 22:08.

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