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For immediate release - rdmsoft announces RdFenestrate

(Yorkshire, UK) In a hastily-arranged press conference on a hill in the middle of Beverley Westwood, rdmsoft CEO R. Marshall today announced the launch of a new product. He claims that "RdFenestrate will revolutionise the way parts of the web interact". A public release is scheduled for "Real Soon Now", otherwise known as "December 2008".

Lead developer Robert M. says the technology is built upon a highly stable base. "We decided to write RdFenestrate in the Beatnik language, which will enable us to avoid delivering a release early." When asked to say exactly what the final product would do, he wasn't sure. "We like to change the target featureset every few days to avoid boredom, though at the moment it's an RSS feed parser. It retrieves data in XML format from a wide variety of sources and analyses the text. A central server then decides who most deserves to be thrown out of a window, and makes arrangements for the operation to take place."

Head of QA, "Bob", was heard to remark: "testing is painful.".

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