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NASA World Wind

This is an amazing program.

From NASA, makers of, well, big rockets and stuff, comes World Wind for Windows. It's a 3D model of the Earth, which allows you to zoom in to view fairly high-detail satellite images.

You can overlay animations from past satellites, air temperature, ozone layer information, sea temperatures, barometer outputs, night photographs, and more.

You can search the whole planet via place name, view US road maps, and observe the effects of El NiƱo. And it's all free and open source.

If your connection can handle the initial 250MB download, and retrieval of extra overlays as you use the program, I'd seriously recommand trying it out.

Download World Wind 1.2, extract and install.

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NASA is watching, erm, me.

It looks like someone at NASA has been interested in what people think of World Wind, which I wrote about recently. A Google Sea... / Trackback from blog on 13 Oct 2004 at 18:42.

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